Finding the Right School

Choosing your child's school is one of many important steps a parent will make. It is this first step that will set them on the path of their formal education.

Seeking support from someone who understands the Independent school sector can make all the difference to finding the right school for your child.

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First Steps...

Finding the right school can be such a daunting prospect; whether your child is a baby who is so young they do little more than eat and sleep or an older child who needs to relocate to a new school. Demand for places in good schools in some areas is such that if you have not registered your child from birth, you might find they will be placed on a waiting list.

About Me

Having worked in the Independent sector for over 20 years - predominantly in London - with a range of professional teaching experience from Nursery to Preparatory School, I offer parents a bespoke service guiding them through the school process.
I strive to meet the requirements of both parent and child, ensuring that children are placed in a school environment that is structured to their needs and enables them to grow and enrich their knowledge and development.

As former Head of Eaton House and Wetherby School and now Director of Schools for Alpha Plus Group, I am delighted to endorse Marina Dawson-Damer as having an exceptional knowledge of the Independent school sector.

Jenny Aviss - Director of Schools, Alpha Plus Group

With her great experience of schools in this area, together with her unique independent perspective, Marina’s advice was balanced, calm and spot on.

Our son is a confident, happy, stimulated little boy. He loves his school – and a lot of that is credit to Marina.

Mr and Mrs Gurdon, London

Our son did not have a secured place at a Pre-Prep school, he found the tests and assessment difficult. As soon as Marina heard of our problem she had found a place at a wonderful Pre-Prep school within a week. We will be forever grateful to Marina for being so helpful and finding the right school for our son.

Mr and Mrs Duckworth, London

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