Finding the right schools for your children in a foreign country is one of the most challenging aspects of moving abroad. Having relocated to a foreign country from the US once before, finding the right schools for our children was our number one priority. We were introduced to Marina Dawson-Damer several months before we moved from Asia to London and after one conversation with her we knew we were in good hands. She thoroughly explained the school system in London, which she has in depth knowledge of based on her experience as a teacher in London schools, and spent considerable time learning about us and our children in order to match us with schools that fit our preferences. She also provided us with insightful guidance on areas where our oldest son would need help in order to catch up to his peers, particularly in the English schools. Marina emailed me every day for two months - sometimes a few times a day - updating us about her correspondence with schools, the arranging of tours and visits and other important information. She organized all of our tours, provided us with advice on how likely our son would find a spot (very accurately too). When we narrowed schools down by preference and openings, Marina met with us to discuss each school at length and help us make the decision as to which schools were best for our boys. Our youngest son was given a coveted place at a beautiful nursery in Notting Hill and our oldest son was given a spot at one of the top independent English day schools in Kensington. Both boys are thriving at their new schools and we could not be happier with our decisions. Our whole move to London was a success because of Marina. She is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, patient and was wonderful with our children, an absolute joy to work with - we highly recommend Marina to any parent relocating to London."

Family relocating from Hong Kong
September 2013

I was introduced to Marina Dawson Damer, I was extremely worried that my 1.5 year old son would not get a place in any of the top London schools as I had not been able to register him in time.
Marina provided me with an in depth explanation of the London Day School system from Early Years to Preparatory education based on her vast years of experience having worked in a number of these highly regarded and competitive schools. She was extremely professional and structured in her approach and could clearly articulate the differences between all these schools based on a number of key selection criteria, which can be very confusing, particularly if you are new to the London Day School system. Given her very strong and current association with the Head teachers of these top London schools, she was able to provide me with invaluable insight. I was particularly impressed when she spent a lot of time to getting to know my son and understand his character so that he would be placed in an environment that enabled him to grow and to flourish his knowledge and personal development rather than placing him in any school that pleased me as a parent. I say with great pleasure that both the nursery and the Preparatory school choices we have made ended up being perfect matches.
If you want the best advice for your child’s education, I strongly recommend that you go to the best school placement advisor in London, Marina Dawson Damer.

Senior Banking Executive
Central London, 2012-2017

We began looking for a change of school for our son after he had begun Year 6. His school at the time was an IB one where he had been extremely happy and thriving from Year 1. We had so many things to consider at the time because not only were we late to apply to schools but we also didn’t really have cohesive criteria beyond finding a 'good' boarding school. Marina interviewed us together as a family and asked what we felt was most important in the school we were seeking. Her advice and guidance was immensely helpful and led to us finding our son’s present school where we all simply could not be happier.
I can honestly say that at present, his transition from an IB curriculum (day school) into the prep system has surpassed our expectations. Marina helped arrange visits to schools, questions & considerations we ordinarily may have overlooked (travel routes/distances, facilities, Senior schools they might feed into etc). All of that helped and we got very lucky after only a few visits to schools around the country. From our very first visit to the school we finally chose, we felt it was the right fit and that has remained true- a year later. Our son is thriving as a weekly boarder, he is very happy at school and has been so involved, confident and assured during the entire process of considering (and finally picking) his senior school for next year.
His present prep school is such a lovely environment that balances everything he needs quite nicely. He is so happy there and even as I remain a great advocate for the IB educational system, we are fortunate to have found a wonderful alternative that suits our son- ultimately, that is what matters most.

Family from North of London,
October 2014

To whom it may concern, Marina has been an incredible support and guide during our school search and placement of our daughters into UK schools. Distance did not seem to be a factor in getting our work done! With emails and phone calls we were in touch several times a day and Marina was able to pull together a very good list of schools which I visited before bringing my children over for interviews. After the initial visits and detailed discussions where Marina got a better understanding of me and I realised Marina's good working relationship with a wide variety of schools we had a successful short list.
Marina's understanding of my children’s needs and her extensive knowledge in the whole package of the schools was incremental in placing my daughters in schools which suited their characters as well as their academic strengths.
Marina has been and I hope will continue to be the most reliable source and friend whom I would always wish to have as a guide during the important educational steps of my children’s school years.

Family of 5 relocating from Istanbul,
August 2014

It was with great luck that we found an advertisement about Marina as we were struggling to find a Prep school for our son. The way she conducted a search was extraordinary. Now my son enjoys life in his new school.

Family living in Vauxhall,
September 2014

Marina Dawson Damer changed my life. We were undergoing a very stressful family move back to the UK with a baby and 2 boys ages 6 and 7. All we heard were scare stories of children being tutored from the age of 3 and waiting lists that went into the hundreds. From our first Skype meeting, Marina’s calm was contagious. Her no-nonsense, well informed and sincere approach were exactly what we needed. Our boys are now at a wonderful boys’ school. I never would have considered an all-boys’ school but the heavy focus on sport (on top of the great academics) has turned out to be exactly what they needed. Marina has kept in touch and is always easy to get hold her. I would unequivocally recommend her and would not hesitate to use her again.

Family of 5, North London
November 2015

To Whom it May Concern:
My wife and I have recently moved to the UK from Turkey with a child entering year 2 and one in nursery. Though we knew London well we were not familiar with schooling. We did a lot of research and asked many friends living in the UK and found the situation it to be very daunting.
Marina came highly recommended to us as being not only knowledgeable about the system and the schools, particularly in London, but also very professional and approachable. We could not have been happier with Marina and the process. She was able to help us refine what we wanted from the many choices while helping us to understand what was realistic for our children. During the span of 5 months and several trips to London, some with our eldest child for interviews, Marina was understanding and efficient and in the end she ensured that we had several excellent options from which to choose.
We found the experience and the process so pleasant with Marina that we continue to share updates of the progress of our children with planning for prep and secondary school in mind.

Family of 4, Clapham
December 2015

We are, what we believe is a typical Londoner family, my husband and I are both Italian and move to London about 20 years ago. We settled here, got married, built a career and had kids.
As soon as our twins were born the pressured was on for their schooling, we registered them in several Independent schools close to our house but when it was the time to sit all the interviews, we struggled. We did a couple and it didn’t work for the kids nor for us, as Continental European we couldn’t understand how a school could deem a kid of 4 years suitable or not. After a couple of years in a prime Independent school in central London, our son was not happy. We then approached Marina, who was really helpful and knowledgeable since the first phone conversation. I was daunted by the prospective of changing school, but at the same time we knew it was the right think to do for us and our kids. As soon as Marina entered our life and walked us through the system and helped us navigating it, we found places in 2 great schools, chose one and our life was changed.
The kids are now very happy, I cannot thank Marina enough not only for the help she gave us to find a new school, but for the easiness in which it all happen. She was with us for every step of the process, telling the kids, shortlisting suitable schools, passing the interviews and finally choosing the right one for the kids and us.

Family of 4, Knightsbridge
February 2016
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